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Not long ago, the number of virus-infected devices decreased and fewer new viruses were created. We imagine that we and many others thought, finally they have given up and we have gotten more secure systems. But suddenly, like a lightning from clear sky came the virus "kryptolocker". It's the worst and most malignant virus we've had deal with for over 20 years. Affected users would have all their files encrypted, both local and on any network device.
Cygrids anti-virus service is a cloud-packed and supervised service, where we take overall responsibility for the security of your computers, servers, tablets and mobiles. The antivirus clients are installed and updated from our data center. Devices that are not updated are identified immediately and reported. Viruses that are identified are automatically quarantined. We generate reports each month that show activities and events about anti-virus security.

User-friendly and easy to get started. You are usually up and running after a day. We educate you or your technician.

Pricing is simple. You pay for users and month. Everything else is included in the service, licenses and updates.

Suits everything and everyone. No limits. We do everything you're looking for. Cancel immediately if you do not have a need.


Virus harms more today and spreads faster


The vulnerability of computers, servers and handsets are increasing dramatically. As the internet and our information society grow, this unfortunately also creates a major threat. Criminal networks simply spread malware to access business secrets for the purpose of selling the information or using it to adversely affect the affected company.


Traditional solutions & shortcomings

According to our investigations, traditional solutions are drawn with the following shortcomings


  • Constant renewal of licenses
  • Difficult for the customer to check if you buy the right quantity and product
  • Difficult for the customer to check if all devices have the latest protection
  • You do not pay for the exact number of units you have
  • A costly technician is needed that charges every time a new device is to be installed
  • One lacks a tool that can handle updates, inventory and protect
  • You want better control over the costs of managing this feature


Benefits with Cygrids

Cygrids has long been working with a security service based on AVG to fight viruses and other malicious code. With this service we have solved all the shortcomings traditional solutions have. With our service, you do not need to worry if you have protection or not. We ensure that it is monitored and managed daily, and we will be able to find out if servers and workstations have suffered without delay. The system, of course, blocks malicious code automatically. Whenever you wish, you can log into our portal to retrieve the reports that prove this. If you're interested, you can also share a wealth of information that we automatically find out about your devices.


Features of Cygrids Antivirus

  • Protects Server, PC, Tablets and Mobiles
  • Automatic configuration and change setting
  • Effective monitoring from Cygrids Data Center
  • Continuous update of security configurations and patches
  • Centralized management of Cygrids settings and policies
  • Protection for "Malware" and other malicious code
  • Reporting to decision makers about the security of the company
  • Automatic quarantine of virus and malicious code
  • Alarm management and escalation