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An increasing number of companies choose to outsource IT operations, that is transfer responsibility for the operation of the company's IT to an external supplier. One of the reasons for this is of course the economic benefits of outsourcing the company's IT services. There are also a number of advantages to outsourcing to a company that is actually experts in IT services. As an entrepreneur, you ensure that your IT is managed by experts.
There are various solutions for outsourcing IT operations to a company. We can help your business with the solution that suits you best. Perhaps you want to outsource your IT operations altogether, or just a part of it? We have solutions for companies of all sizes and industries and can offer the type of IT operation that best suits your business. Whichever solution you choose, you never have to worry about Cygrids as a customer. We make sure you choose the right one.


Do you have all IT in place in the company and are not ready for outsourcing? Do you want to free up time and save money on your IT environment? If yes and you want a partner who could help you over time, we have below a solution that suits you.


Do you have parts of your IT environment that you do not want to be responsible for? Do you want to take care of what's fun and release what you think is boring? Cygrids can manage parts of your IT environment ie. move parts of your IT to our data center or cloud.


Do you want economies of scale and have a flexible IT environment? Is it important for you to budget your IT? Have you ever said "IT should just work"? With our outsourcing package, we are completely responsible for all your IT-services.

Outsourcing IT to an external provider can be done in many different ways. We choose the right based on your preconditions.

Solutions & Answers



There may be many reasons for insourcing instead of outsourcing. For example, recently, a significant amount of new equipment has been invested in its IT platform, which can not only be wasted, and the sale of it would mean a greater loss. In these cases, it is better for the new IT supplier to use the purchased equipment in its IT operations. Another reason may be that you have large production units in a geographical location that lacks sufficient communication links. Moving all IT equipment to Cygrids, when you have too little communication, is no good solution at all. It's like driving on gravel roads instead of highway. When you decide on insourcing, it means that Cygrids manages and maintains your IT remotely. We are doing exactly the same as if the outbreak was with us. It is the same routines and tools we use. When the conditions change in the future, we will automatically assist you to phase out to an outsourcing model.

Move Cygrids to you

Even if we choose an insourcing model for you, it does not mean disadvantages. Through Cygrids infrastructure services, we can build a platform with Cygrids data center components such as virtualization, servers, monitoring, backup and licensing. Of course, we have physical space requirements, but in addition to that, we literally build a mini -Cygrids data center in your facility.





Cygrids offers a standardized service for those companies that do not have their own server-level skills, do not have a custom cold and UPS server space and want to focus on their core business and ensure high operational reliability in their IT environment.

Basic functions

• Terminalserver/Citrix • AD-server • File-/print-server • E-mail

On this platform you can add your applications, such as business systems, and also supplement local features if needed.

Business benefits

Traditionally, companies have acquired one or more physical servers and implemented their business's critical systems on them. Thus, companies are dependent on the underlying hardware. In order to increase operational reliability in the form of redundancy, one has been forced to purchase additional servers. Building your machine park on physical services means a lock-in effect where you as a company can not customize the machine park to the company's current needs. By virtualization, we mean that you solve all the limitations a physical platform provides.



Mixed/Hybrid Outsourcing

Mixed Sourcing

This variant of outsourcing means that Cygrids manages certain parts of the customer's IT platform. The model is primarily used by companies that have their own skills or internal IT department. There are some selected parts for Cygrids that do not have a strategic interest in managing.

To supplement

Hybridization is also an excellent option if you want to complement its current IT platform or other provider with Cygrids services in infrastructure, IT operations and cloud services. You can choose a single service from Cygrids to supplement or spread the risk of more than one supplier.