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FTP Services

Most companies need to transfer files to authorities, banks, suppliers, and other types of organizations. Sometimes companies also have their own materials that they want to make available to their customers easily.
Sending larger files or communicating encrypted does not go with the email client. It is associated with a lot of trouble and difficult to check whether it has arrived or not. Many authorities and banks do not even accept communication of files via email.

User-friendly and easy to get started. You are usually started already after a day. We train you or your technician.

Flexible. Customize according to your needs. You can independently build catalog and security structure.

Suits everything and everyone. No limits. You can create how many users you want. The service is completely volume-based.

Cygrids solution

Cygrids provides a modern and complete FTP service to companies. In our solution there is no limit on the number of users and security levels you want within the company. You can choose if you as sub-administrators should handle users or let us implement it. Downloading files is done using any ftp client or browser that we provide. We also have special client for the most advanced user. File transfer can be done with FTP or SFTP. SFTP transfers files in encrypted form. Cygrids FTP service is of the type "cloud" which means we provide all infrastructure, licensing, development and support. You simply pay for stored volume only.


In our service, of course, you can limit the rights to your files in the smallest detail. You decide who and when people or groups should have access to your files. Naturally, we teach you how to do.


It's a cloud service which means you pay for function and not consultation / advice. You do not need any underlying knowledge. Cygrids provides support for all your questions. The function is monitored and developed continuously as demand increases. You never have to worry about files being too big to handle. Our Service Has No Limitation Management and Monitoring Cygrids FTP Services is a cloud service which is developed and managed daily. There are no special additional services for this service.