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Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency without central regulatory authority where cryptographic methods are used to guarantee transactions. There are today a variety of cryptovalutors that are used on the market. The most popular is Bitcoin established in 2009. Other currencies have emerged as Etherum and Litecoin. There are a number of places that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. You can read more about cryptographic currencies at
Cygrids offers companies and individuals who are mining a space and infrastructure that is adapted for customers equipment. Our data center is built to deliver high uptime in terms of energy, climate and safety for your mining equipment. The service is packaged in such way that all services that you normally require are embedded in the price. We provide the service with no obligation in terms of binding time or number of machines to start with.

User friendly and easy to get started. You are usually up and running after one day. We educate you or your technician.

Pricing is simple. You pay for spent energy (kwh). Everything else is included in the service, such as security and remote assistance.

No binding times or minimum number of machines. We also do not require when your machines are running. You decide for yourself.


5000 sqm Datacenter (DC03-LJU-SE) 

As a mining customer, you have a data center in Northern Sweden that is owned and managed by Cygrids who has been running data center operations since 1997. We can promise high availability for your mining equipment in a safe and professional manner. References to existing miner customers can be issued on request.  


Functions in Cygrids Mining Co-Location 


  • All your miners are protected behind a firewall
  • All miners share one or more external IPV4 and IPV6
  • You securely connect to your miners via VPN
  • Your miners will receive IP addresses automatically in a controlled manner
  • You can always contact a technician for assistance
  • Connection, cabling and start-up are included
  • Your miners are placed on isolated VLAN
  • Alarm management and escalation

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