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Backup Services

As everything from sales, accounting, marketing, business contacts and e-mails are stored digitally, it has become increasingly important for all companies to back up their company data today. Now you can with Cygrids service, even disaster-proof by backing up to our data centers located in Sweden.
Cygrids online backup client is user-friendly and easy to get started with. With the software installed on your computer, you can choose exactly what you want to back up and how many versions you want to save. You are not dependent on Cygrids when recovery should occur because recovery is done in the same software.

User friendly and easy to get started. You are usually up and running after only a day. We educate you or your technician.

Flexible. Adapt completely to your needs. You can choose what and how long you want to save your data on your own.

Fits everything and everyone. No limits. You can create as many users as you want. The service is completely volume based.



Cygrids uses Veeam software to implement and maintain backup data. We have used a lot of different platforms over the years and found that Veeam is the best available on the market today. It is reliable and price performance is reasonable. Veeam was initially designed to back up virtual environments, but lately the product has been developed and we can now back up workstations, physical servers and Office 365. It also supports both Linux and Windows servers.


The first time you make a backup, you make a complete copy.

Subsequent backups are only made on altered data and therefore go much faster. All your data is sent encrypted over the internet to our data center.


Our data centers are equipped with redundant cooling and power supplies. The computer halls are physically built in safe rooms, which guarantees very high burglary, gas and fire protection. All data centers are connected to the Internet via BGP4, which means that we have full diversity on our Internet connections.

Disaster managment

Cygrids can help you build and monitor your disaster plan for IT infrastructure. We use our data centers to help us, along with established processes and skilled employees with extensive experience. Please contact us for a no-obligation meeting.


There are situations where it is not appropriate to send backup data over the internet to our data centers. The reasons can be many, some of them can be security reasons, recovery times and/or too weak an internet connection. Cygrids solves these situations by sending its own equipment to the company where we perform the primary backups and at carefully selected times, we send the data from our local backup to our data centers to cope with the fire aspects. Since the backup service is managed, Cygrids will automatically scale the hardware needed to handle the local backups. We deploy equipment at no additional cost. This is included in the service.