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Virtual Servers [HYPERV/VMWARE]

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Packaged virtual servers HyperV

The following servers are available for ordering. If you do not have the configuration you wish, please contact us and we will arrange.

OBS-1110-SAS 1xVCPU 1 10GB SAS Any 50 Order
OBS-1220-SAS 1xVCPU 2 20GB SAS Any 90 Order
OBS-1450-SAS 1xVCPU 4 50GB SAS Any 190 Order
OSS-2650-SAS 2xVCPU 6 50GB SAS Any 280 Order
OSS-2880-SAS 2xVCPU 8 80GB SAS Any 380 Order
OSS-4880-SAS 4xVCPU 8 80GB SAS Any 480 Order
Custom Config Custom 0 0GB SAS Any 0 Order


Cygrids can offer you virtual server and a virtual environment that can be customized to your needs. We can offer you the installation of basically all operating systems and software.

For the highest availability and flexibility, our platform is based on VMware and Hyper-V, two of the premier virtualization methods available today. This enables you as a customer to feel confident that the virtual solution we offer is the safest for your specific needs.

Packaged virtual servers VMWare

The following servers are available for ordering. If you do not have the configuration you wish, please contact us and we will arrange.

VBS-1110-SAS 1xVCPU 1 10GB SAS Any 380 Order
VBS-1220-SAS 1xVCPU 2 20GB SAS Any 450 Order
VBS-1450-SAS 1xVCPU 4 50GB SAS Any 600 Order
VSS-2650-SAS 2xVCPU 6 50GB SAS Any 770 Order
VSS-2880-SAS 2xVCPU 8 80GB SAS Any 920 Order
VSS-4880-SAS 4xVCPU 8 80GB SAS Any 1020 Order
Custom Config Custom 0 0GB SAS Any 0 Order

Virtual Private Server

We can help you implement your ideas and turn them into flexible, simple solutions that are pervaded by flexibility and security. We also help you to transfer your existing servers to our platform.

This applies to both the physical and virtual servers you have today. Contact us for a solution tailored to your specific needs of virtual servers. Whatever your needs for virtual environments, we can help you with a solution that can grow and shrink to your needs.

No Limitation

We adapt exactly to your current needs. Should the conditions change, you can change server.

Moving Assistance

Under reasonable conditions, we will help you move to us at no cost. Contact our technicians for advice.

Accompanying 24/7

Cygrids companion for your data center access providers around the clock 24 hours a day.


Central common firewall is included if required. Custom firewall and VPN can be added as needed and desired.

Support close to you

Failure to report, all year round included. You will always get in touch with competent and Swedish/English speaking technicians.

Restart / Console

Normally, the customer has full access to their servers. If for some reason you can not connect to your server, please contact us for reboot.

Solutions & Answers

Info Virutal Servers


Instead of investing in own server hardware that is often expensive, you hire services on a shared server platform. Cygrids has taken one of the best products on the market and built a redundant infrastructure where we offer business space at a relatively low cost. Smaller and medium-sized companies have difficulty motivating the costs of building a redundant virtual environment for their servers. With Cygrids virtual servers, you can get big business security at a reasonable cost.

Business benefits

Traditionally, companies have acquired one or more physical servers and then implemented their business's critical systems. This has led to companies being dependent on the underlying hardware. To get some kind of redundancy in this, you have been forced to buy more servers. Building your machine park on physical servers means that you as a company can not customize the machine park to the company's current needs. Virtualization solves all obstacles a physical platform gives and contributes to reduced power consumption.


Cygrids ensures that you as a customer have full access to your servers. This means that you can turn off and restart your servers on your own. You will also be able to take a mirror image of your server at major upgrades. This is especially important if something goes wrong and you need to restore the environment as it was before upgrading.


Network & Connections


Cygrids data center is connected to the internet through several independent operators. We use BGP and have own AS where we peer with IP-Only, Telia Sonera and TDC Network. Cygrids largely achieve 100% accessibility through this architecture. This architecture has been used for ten years. We have not had a single incident during these years that can be deduced to this area.

Cygrids data center is independent. We can activate other operators in our data center at short notice. If you are connected to other operators and want to connect Cygrids data center to this carrier, please contact us and we will arrange this.


Cygrids is a member of RIPE NCC and we have LIR status. This means that we assign IP addresses on our own to our customers. All assignments of IP addresses to customers are made in accordance with regulations issued by RIPE NCC.


Cygrids core is completely redundant and we only use Cisco equipment for routers, switches and firewalls.


Questions & Answers

Can you offer anything else other than VMWare / Hyper-V?

No, unfortunately, we have chosen to standardize on these two well-proven products. In the future, we may reconsider our decision.

How long is the contract period?

We have ongoing monthly contracts. This means that you can cancel your service after 1 month.

What kind of payment is there?

Cygrids accepts payment via Invoice, PayPal, MasterCard, VISA. The invoice payment terms is 30 days.

Are the servers in Sweden?

Yes, we own our data center and at present we have data centers in Eslöv and Malmö. We can offer servers abroad if desired.

What can I get help with?

We can help you in various ways. For example, install OS, monitor, restart, consultation. Some services we provide are free, some requires a fee.

Can you visit?

Yes, definitely, contact us and we will book a time to meet you. While visiting our data center, photography is unfortunately prohibited.

Ordering Process

When ordering a server from Cygrids, we apply the process below to deliver the service to you.