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Datacenter Environment


The data center is located on land surrounded by the steel roof. The entire data center is built in a deserved shelter. This means that all walls are at least 30 cm wide built in concrete and reinforcement iron. The entrance to the data center takes place through two steel doors. The steel doors are equipped with individual recognizable code systems. All passages are equipped with alarms that are directly linked to Securitas.

Environmental protection

All walls, doors and ceilings are protected from gas and smoke. The data center is fire protected by an automatic fire extinguishing system (Argon) specially designed for data centers. The strength of this system is that it extinguishes fires without damaging equipment. Data centers are flood protected.


All movements in and near the data center are recorded by a number of cameras. Movies are saved for 7 days and then deleted. Automatic detection and alarm occurs for smoke, gas, liquid, heat and moisture. Two cycles daily is preformed by Cygrids technicians who visually ensure that the data center components work according to expectations.

Climate control

The climate is regulated continuously to ensure cooling of equipment in the data center. Our cooling systems are built redundant with three separate circuits that are independent of each other. A defective cooling circuit does not significantly affect cooling. All cooling systems are checked daily. Service and maintenance for working equipment takes place once a year.



The primary protection for power outages and nails in the power grid is by means of a UPS cluster. These take over immediately in case of power failure. With longer power outages, generators automatically enter and supply power to the entire plant. The generators supply the required power as long as access to Diesel is available. We perform load tests for this equipment once a month. In addition to this inspection, the equipment is serviced once a year.

Security & Policy


A certain security policy is applied to the data center. In severe terms, it means that only authorized personnel at Cygrids have access to the data center. For customers wishing to access their equipment, custodians from Cygrids must be included. All racks in the data center are locked for unauthorized access. Liquid must not be taken to the control panel. Cartons or other combustible material may not be left in the control panel. For customers who require isolation from other customers or Cygrids racks, they are included in a particular cage.



As your business grows, we can tailor our cooperation to your needs. This means that you only pay for the services and products you use. Co-Location is a basic service that forms the basis of Cygrids product portfolio. Other services can be added with ease as your company needs them.


Cygrids is a LIR. That means we have our own IP address space that we have. We are currently connected to three other operators to exchange internet traffic. The connections are fully redundant with the diversity of the physical fibers that are connected to the data center. Connected Cygrids use exclusively Cisco equipment in its data center.


SLA-Main Components

The table below shows the guaranteed availability of the components measured in the system. Measure the time is per month and the availability is stated as a percentage.

Measuring object Description Availability %
Co-Location Access to service 99.90%
Cygrids DC Internet 99.95%
Electricity Electricity / UPS / DIESEL 99.95%
Internet Internet connections 99.95%